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What to Expect

UC Homestay strives to provide the best homestay experience to its guests and students. We are fully interested in the well-being of each placement and will help students every step of the way. Following these suggestions will help you to be a courteous guest and have a great homestay experience.


Arrive with an open mind and be flexible! Living with a new, unfamiliar family can be challenging at first. The USA is a multicultural society so be willing to learn about other cultures…give it time and both you and the host will adjust to each other’s cultural differences.


It is the guest’s responsibility to keep the room clean. This includes vacuuming and washing linens.


You are expected to remove your plate, cup and utensils from the table after meals and to always pick up after yourself after you shower. Never leave wet towels or clothes on the floor.

However, you are not responsible for any additional chores such as gardening, cleaning the house (besides your own bedroom), babysitting, etc.


If you are not sure whether or not something is appropriate for you to use in the home or just have any general question, please ask your host. Hosts are glad to answer your questions and help you.


Please always check with your host family prior to bringing home any guests. Overnight guests are never allowed.

Curfew & Dinner

For your safety and to avoid worries to your host, please keep your host informed about your plans. Always let the host if you will not be home for dinner or arrive after 10 P.M.

Phone Usage

Speak to your host about when you can use the phone and for how long. Make sure to purchase a calling card to call other countries. Your host can tell you which nearby stores sell them.


If the host has laundry facilities at home, please consult with them about their rules on laundry usage. Most hosts will allow students to utilize the machines 1x/week. However, you are responsible for your own detergent and softener. Hosts who don’t have laundry machine can tell you where to go to do your laundry.

Bathroom Usage

If you are sharing a bathroom, make sure you speak with your host about appropriate times to shower and for how long. Make sure to buy your own supplies such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.


Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you’re not using them. This includes appliances such as T.V.s and computers—these need to be turned off when you are done using them.


If you accompany your host family on outings, holidays or trips, you are responsible for your own airline ticket, admission tickets and personal expenses. The host family will be responsible for accommodation and food.


In an emergency situation, dial 911 to reach an ambulance or the police.

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