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Why UC Homestay?

Immerse yourself in U.S. culture by becoming part of an American family! Feeling welcomed and accepted into a family in foreign country is a great way to begin your experience. Homestay is fundamental to help our international friends assimilate into American culture.

With UC Homestays:
  • Students live inside of the host’s home in a private, furnished bedroom (private bathrooms are available).

  • Our hosts undergo a rigorous screening process and are chosen carefully to be the most caring and warm hosts available.

  • Hosts are excited about meeting our international friends and determined to help them have a great experience

  • Homestays provide numerous friendship opportunities and meaningful interactions with hosts.

  • Students become immersed in the culture as they “live” the customs via their hosts and break the language barrier by practicing English daily

  • We connect & engage on every level with our hosts families to provide even more bonding experience by sponsoring seasonal contests, potluck dinners, trips, putting up pictures on our site, and providing assistance throughout your stay.

  • In the end, our international friends feel like they are part of the family and the bonds created last a lifetime!


At UCEUS, we are determined to ensure that your American experience goes beyond your expectations!
Inquire about our program now and let us help you have a great experience in the U.S.A.!

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