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We link international students, teachers, interns, and short-term visitors to superior homestay services!


Homestay,  Dorm,  Hotel

  • All of our housing options have a minimum of a private, furnished bedroom with appropriate lighting, comfortable bed (with linen and pillows), study desk with chair, and closet or dresser.

  • As the U.S.A. benefits from a diverse population, our hosts encompass the broad spectrum of ethnic backgrounds found here and the make-up of our hosts varies from families (couples with children) to single parents with children, couples with no children, and single hosts.

  • We tailor our housing options to meet the individual needs and budget of each guest and/or group.

  • Many hosts have pets in the home as this is very common in the USA. Pets are usually very friendly with their guests; however, if you are allergic or absolutely would rather not have pets, please make sure to note this on your application.

UC Homestay Options

Meal Options
  1. Room only:

Guests will be responsible for their own meals. Host will provide space in the refrigerator and cupboards. You may make light meal preparation in the kitchen such as a salad or a sandwich, but you must discuss other usage of the kitchen with the host directly as each host has their own rules.

  2.  Room with 2-3 meals: 

Breakfast and dinner are included. A self-served, light breakfast will be made available to guest each morning. It may include toast, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, milk, or tea, etc. Dinner will be prepared by the host and served in the evening at time specified by host. On weekends, hosts may choose to provide lunch instead of dinner if mutually convenient to host and guest.


 3. Dorm and Hotel meals will be customized  

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