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Becoming a Host Family

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Thank you for your interest in welcoming a wonderful scholar student into your family.  Hosting one or more exchange students is a great way for you to bring international perspectives into your home and prepare your family & student to be successful in an increasingly globalized world.  When you welcome a student into your family, you will be providing a experience for a student that will last a lifetime.


Student exchanges open young minds to the importance of understanding other languages and other cultures, and the roles that they will play in their future college and career experiences.  Life-long international friendships are formed during these student exchange programs.


The process is simple, you will fill out an application, background checks are completed for anyone over 18, a local coordinator will come to your home, do your homestay interview and go over all the program details with the whole family.  That's it, then CONGRATS! on your new international daughter or son!!!

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