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Becoming a Host Family Process:

Before a placement with a student in your home can be finalized, the following steps will need to take place as part of United Cultural Exchange's placement process:

  • Submission and processing of Host Family Application, including your signed agreement to host, reference check, criminal background checks on all family members over 18 or older, as well as photos of your home and family.

  • Submission and approval of your Criminal Background Check (CBC): you will be sent a link with the CBC disclaimer before you click the 'Submit' button on your Host Family Application and will receive an email with a link to the designated CBC website to complete your secure CBC submission.

  • In-person home interview conducted by our Community Coordinators, at which time additional photos may be taken if not already received and on file with your application.  We will go over all our programs for our students, review the handbooks of each program so you can familiarize yourself and family the requirements and obligations that come with hosting.

  • Once all is completed, "Congrats!" Welcome to our team and thank you for opening your heart, home and family up to an International student.


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