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Student Services

Students who indicate an interest in and commitment to global cultural exchange, community service, leadership development and cultural experiences, our organization strengthens the international relationships through this involvement.  UCE Teams are responsible, dedicated, skilled volunteers actively engaged in local communities. 


Community Service:  To learn what needs exist in the community and to assist with these needs whenever possible.


Leadership Education:  To provide leadership experiences by participating in various activities with others to enhance social confidence.  These include attending and conducting meets properly, attending and planning educational cultural events.


Cultural Experiences:  To broaden ourselves culturally by attending and experiencing a variety of cultural events annually.  


The UCE year abroad experience strives to provide the opportunities for each student to know the joy of cultural exchange, helping others, to learn tolerance and kindness and to make friends while sharing and participating in these activities.

Also included are the following amenities for all our students


Welcoming Service

For those who request any of our programs, we will be their point-of-contact and show them where and how to grocery shop, teach about the bus system and show them bus stops and routes to get to school, as well as familiarize them with their new city.

Driver’s License

We will familiarize you with the process of obtaining a California driver’s license and drive you the the nearest DMV so that you may apply and take the tests. This is especially recommended for students who arrive speaking little English as we will personally speak to DMV personnel with you.

Bank Account

Opening a personal banking account is an essential part of starting a life in a new place and we will gladly show you the steps and take you to the bank so that you can begin your financial life in the U.S.A.

Cellular Phone Account

There are many cell phone companies here to choose from. We will familiarize you with them and help you choose the best company and plan to suit your needs and budget. We partner with the companies to have special rates from some of the most reliable and affordable companies so we will help you make the best decision to save money on your new cell phone!

Automobile Purchase & Insurance

We can familiarize you with you the process of purchasing an affordable vehicle in California and obtaining adequate insurance.

Health Insurance

Will be included in most of our programs. If you choose to obtain your own medical insurance we will help you navigate the process of your health insurance and how it works.  All plans vary and many obstacles can arise. 

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