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Meet Ferdinando


Letter for my future Host Family

Hello dear family,


I'm glad to be able to introduce myself. I'm Ferdinando , but all my friends call me Ferdi. I'm 16 years old and I live in North of Italy. I've been attending the third year of scientific high school, my favorite subjects are math, chemistry, and art history. I like a lot of sports for example: American football, soccer, tennis, basket, F1, volleyball and beach volley, and I like to practice: tennis, basket, table tennis, soccer, ski and volleyball My parents are separated, and I lived fourteen years with my mum and now I’m living with my dad, I love my parents, my dad is a entrepreneur and he’s the owner of a software company, and my mum is a lawyer in a fashion company.

My favorite movies are Inception, Interstellar and the Wolf of Wall Street, and my favorite series are: Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, and The Last Dance. In my free time I love listening music; the music must always be aligned with my mood. It has become a part of my everyday routine. One of my favorite way to spend my holidays is traveling. Since I was a little child I have always traveled, and America has always been my favorite destination. In America I visited New York, Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona. One of the most interesting things I have seen is how bioems can change in few miles. I also noticed and was impressed with the variety of cultures and religions there are and their ability to learn to live together. I’m an outgoing guy I like making new friends and spending time with other people. I like to spend time with guys with my similar age, but I can have fun with children or speak with adults without a problem. I have divers interests that span from sports to art. The thrill of competition and the camaraderie in sports energize me, while the beauty and creativity in art captivate me. Whether I’m on the field playing a game or appreciating an art piece, I am in my element. I have always wanted to become an exchange student, since I was a child, because I want to learn more about American culture, the English language and learn the American lifestyle. It would be a dream, and it would be wonderful to be able to do it in Florida.

I’m looking forward meting you, Bye, Ferdinando.

Know more about Ferdinando


Fitness, Art/ paint/ draw, Basketball, Baseball/softball, Water sports/swim, Computers, Music/ Concerts, Cooking, Tennis, Snow sports, Shopping, Soccer, Volleyball, Football.


Outgoing, Adaptable, Artistic, Adventuresome, Athletic, Quiet, Dedicated, Active, Intellectual, Tidy, Independent, Relaxed, Affectionate, Opinionated, Funny, Productive, Helpful, Energetic, Confident, Friendly, Calm, Creative, Happy, Eager to please, Easy to please, Early to bed, Late night person, Extroverted, Flexible, Good listener, Organized, Resourceful, Leader.

Why have you decided to be an exchange student?:

Because I want to learn more about American Culture , the Englishlanguage and the American Lifestyle.

What are your positive and negative traits?

Positive: Outgoing, Friendlyand Affectionate.

What would you like to do while in the US?

From this year i expect to make friends with new people, learn the language and culture and try to be an American boy for 1 year.

What are your favorite foods? Do you have special dietary needs?


Do you have any pets? Tell us about your pets:


What do you do with your friends?

We play sports or talk instead ,in the eveningwe go to parties.

What do you do with your family?

We play role plays talk about how we are doing watch a movie.

What are your favorite classes and why?

Chemistry, because I have a teacher who makes me passionate about the subject.

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