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If you are ready to create memories for a lifetime...
meet Francesco


Letter for my future Host Family

Dear family, I am Francesco - a confident, friendly, and optimistic person who never settles for less. I have always been dreaming of visiting America, and now, my dream is finally coming true.

I am going to live there for six months, and I am thrilled to explore new opportunities and meet new people. I am an independent person, but I value friendships a lot. I love spending time with my friends, playing video games, listening to music, and watching motor sports - especially Formula 1, which is one of my favorites.


Although becoming a racing driver is my ultimate dream, I understand that it's too late to start a career in this field, and it requires a lot of money.


However, I am not one to give up easily, and I will continue to strive for success in other areas.


My journey to America is an opportunity to broaden my horizons, experience the American way of living, and try new things.


I am confident that I will make new friends and create unforgettable memories.

Know more about Francesco


Basketball, Water sports/swim, Board games, Computers, Music/ Concerts, Cooking, Martial arts, Snow sports, Shopping, Swimming.


Outgoing, Adaptable, Adventuresome, Athletic, Active, Intellectual, Tidy, Independent, Relaxed, Affectionate, Opinionated, Funny, Productive, Helpful, Confident, Calm, Happy, Easy to please, Late night person, Extroverted, Flexible, Good listener, Organized, Resourceful.

Why have you decided to be an exchange student?

I wanted to pull the plug on my ordinary life and experience new things.

What are your positive and negative traits?

I help everyone and I am optimistic, but I always tell the truth, something that people might not like.

What would you like to do while in the US?:

While in the US I would love to explore new places where living is really different. I'll esperience the " American lifestyle" with different food. I'll make new friends, try the famous sports and make lots of friends. I'll practice my english.

What are your favorite foods? Do you have special dietary needs?

Pasta, pizza, sushi, salad, fries, hamburgers, sandwiches, all desserts.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about your pets:


What do you do with your friends?

Play videogames, hang out, chat and call.

What do you do with your family?

I like travelling, watching shows, playing games or cooking with them.

What are your favorite classes and why?

Science and Informatics. I love studying how things are and work and I love computers.

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