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Meet Luca


Letter for my future Host Family

Dear host family,my name is Luca.


I am very interested in sporty cars and boats. From design to technology, almost everything excites me. In my free time I like to play table tennis, tennis and I often go cycling and mountain biking. In the past I also played soccer and practiced taekwondo. I was grown up in a big family with two brothers (one of them is my twin brother), my mum, dad and two grandmothers. I really have a good bond to all of them and I enjoy to spent time together. At home, we have two parrots and a small dog named Cathy. It´s a small Havanese who brings joy to the family and is fun to play and walk with. With my family we often travel, also to Cape Coral in Florida. I really enjoy the time there with fishing, boating and canoeing. But I have to learn more about fishing, because I have caught only catfish yet. Currently I learn for my boat licence. In Germany you have to have a boat licence for boating. I go to Sankt -Joseph Grammar School in Rheinbach, it´s a catholic school. I really like my school because the teacher and pupils are very respectful together. In my free time I play four times a week table tennis with my best friends and my twin brother Julian. At the table tennis club we´re in the 1st district league. I really enjoy this sport.

Personally I am rather a quiet person and I am very helpful and respectful towards people. I can also say that the influence of my family has brought me up this way. Everyone in my family is very kind and helps each other, with makes me really happy.

Nevertheless I want to get to know a new family and find out what life is in America. I take the year abroad because I would like to get to know new cultures and to be part of an American Highschool and American family. Personally, I choose the US because the vacation I spent with my parents in Florida showed me that people are very opened and kind to each other, which is very important to me.

I can also describe life in Germany to you a little better and what it is like to live in Germany.

I am looking really forward to becoming part of your family.


Best wishes, Luca

Know more about Luca


Bicyclin, tennis, video games, soccer.


active, adaptable, friendly, happy, shy, quiet.

Why have you decided to be an exchange student?:

I want to know more about the American culture.

What are your positive and negative traits?

I´m helpful and sympathetic, sometimes a little shy.

What would you like to do while in the US?:

I would like to improve my english and gain new experiences, friendships and get a good connections to my host family during my year abroad.


What are your favorite foods? Do you have special dietary needs?

Pizza, Chicken, Burger , Pasta. No, I haven´t special dietary needs.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about your pets:

We go cycling, mountain biking and we play very often table tennis.

What do you do with your friends?

We go cycling, mountain biking and we play very often table tennis.

What do you do with your family?

We go cycling, travelling, hiking and we play sometimes board games.

What are your favorite classes and why?

My favorite subject is sports and physics. I like to try out new sports and enjoy team sports. What I like about physics is the physical experiments.

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