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Meet Leni


Letter for my future Host Family

Dear host family!


My name is Leni, I am sixteen years old and i am so thankful to have the opportunity to spend a semester in the USA! It has always been my dream to go to a high school and experience the life in America. I am from Germany and I life with my parents, my little brother who is 13 years old, my two cats and my dog. I have a very good relationship with my family. My brother is not just my brother but he is also a very good friend of mine! We can talk about everything and i really enjoy having him as my sibling. But I also love my pets. My cats love to spend time in my room and I’m always very happy when they decide to sleep in my bed. I also love to take walks with my dog! We would really miss something if we didn’t already have her in our life. In my familly we all have our own things to do, but we try to do family trips once in a while. My dad loves to go hiking in the mountains and my mother loves going to the beach. Every summer we drive to Italy or Croatia. I am like my mother. I love the beach too. That’s why i am so excited to go to Florida! One thing about me is my love for adventures. I would love you to show me as many things as possible about the USA so i can learn a lot about your country. But i am also very calm and i can be very flexible. I get along with almost everyone so I’m sure we will be great friends. My favorite things to do when I am bored are singing and running or just sport in general. I am a member of a singing club and we often sing in church. Sport helps me relax a lot when I’m stressed, especially when I’m stressed about school. I am currently in 10th grade and I take school seriously.

My favorite subjects are English and German and I am generally very ambitious. I really enjoy riding in my horse club but i don’t like to participate in competitions. I just do it for fun. Other things about me are that i like nature and phoptography. I will definetly bring my camera to Florida, so get ready to take some pictures with me! I also like reading, but often I don’t have time for it because i have so much other things to do. Like shopping with my friends or just spending time with them. In the summer we love swimming in the nearest lake and in the winter we love to go ice skating.

Although I have many friends, the one I will miss the most when leaving home is my best friend. But I know i will meet a lot of cool new people in Florida and I am so excited! During my exchange year i would love to learn about the American culture, including Thanksgiving and Halloween! I would also love to teach you how we celebrate certain holidays in germany! Of course I am willing to help with household chore! I am a very clean person so you don’t have to be worried about my room not being clean! Thank you so much for taking your time to read my letter!


Sincerely, Len

Know more about Leni


Fitness, Theater, Board games, Music/ Concerts, Dance, Hiking/ walking, Writing/Reading, Horse riding, Jogging/running, Photography, Snow sports, Shopping, Soccer, Volleyball, Cheerleading.


Outgoing, Adaptable, Adventuresome, Athletic, Dedicated, Tidy, Independent, Relaxed, Affectionate, Funny, Productive, Helpful, Confident, Friendly, Calm, Happy, Extroverted, Flexible, Good listener, Organized.

Why have you decided to be an exchange student?:

I have decided to be an exchange student because i like to experience new things and to meet new people. It has always been my dream to go to an american high school! I would love to see more of the world and make friends in an other country.

What are your positive and negative traits?

My positive traits are that i am a good listener, very helpful to friends and family, funny, ambitious. Sometimes I get a little bit impatient or I am too ambitious about something and Ican get really competitive.

What would you like to do while in the US?:

I would love to see a lot of things in the US and get to know a lot of people. If my host family could show me their favorite places, that would also be great! I would also maybe like to try a new sport in school!

What are your favorite foods? Do you have special dietary needs?

My favorite foods are pizza and fries. And I am trying to eat less meat.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about your pets:

YES, : I have two cats and one dog. My cats are both very calm and my dog is really active. I always take my dog on walks.

What do you do with your friends?

In the winter if it`s snowing we go skiing or ice skating and in the summer we like to go swimming at a lake. We also love to go to the city and go eat at restaurants together.

What do you do with your family?

My family and I go on a lot of vacations together. We like to go on long walks on the weekend and when we are all at home we play board games.


What are your favorite classes and why?

My favorite classes are German and English because these subjects are really easy for me and i don`t have to study much. I like to write essays in German and i also like speaking English.

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