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If you are ready to create memories for a lifetime...
Meet Caterina


Letter for my future Host Family

Dear Host Family, My name is Caterina, and I will be your guest during my upcoming study abroad trip.


I am excited about the prospect of experiencing this journey and sharing in your culture. I would like to provide some details about myself, my habits, and expectations to ensure a harmonious coexistence.


I am a responsible and respectful individual, passionate about reading, and eager to learn as much as possible during my stay with you. I am open to communication and willing to contribute to family activities. If you have any questions about me or specific preferences you'd like to share, I am here to listen.I look forward to meeting you in person and embarking on this adventure together.


Thank you for the welcome you will extend to me.


Best regards, Caterina.

Know more about Caterina


Fitness, Water sports/swim, Board games, Computers, Cooking, Hiking/ walking, Writing/Reading, Tennis, Shopping, Volleyball, Swimming

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Outgoing, Quiet, Dedicated, Active, Intellectual, Tidy, Independent, Relaxed, Funny, Productive, Helpful, Confident, Friendly, Calm, Creative, Organized.

Why have you decided to be an exchange student?

Because I’m curious to live American life and make new friends.

What are your positive and negative traits?

I am responsible, dedicated and curious. I’m a little stubborn.

What would you like to do while in the US?:

I 'd like to visit many cities.

What are your favorite foods? Do you have special dietary needs?

My favorite foods are pizza, sushi and sweets.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about your pets:


What do you do with your friends?

We walk around the town, go to the pizzeria or the cinema.

What do you do with your family?

We play board games together, have dinner with friends and family, watch films together and travel.

What are your favorite classes and why?

My favorite classes are phisic and history of art because I want become an architect.

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