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If you are ready to create memories for a lifetime...
meet Elena


Letter for my future Host Family

Dear Host family,


I am a very funny, friendly and happy person. I love meeting new people and their cultures. I have a lot of hobbies, like reading, watching series or films, cooking, listening to music or even go shopping. However, my favourites hobbies are related to sports, like ridding a bike, skateing, playing paddle or watching tennis matches. The one I enjoy the most is playing volleyball. I practise it everyday with my friends.


Other thing I love , is going to the Atletico stadium to watch and support my soccer team with my family and my friends. I would lke to be a cheerleader and support my high school team.


I hope this experience helps me to grow , make new friends and improve my english level.

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Art/ paint/ draw, Bicycling, Music/ Concerts, Cooking, Writing/Reading, Skateboarding, Tennis, Shopping, Soccer, Volleyball, Cheerleading


Outgoing, Adaptable, Shy, Athletic, Active, Independent, Affectionate, Funny, Productive, Energetic, Confident, Friendly, Forgetful, Creative, Happy, Eager to please, Easy to please, Extroverted, Good listener, Organized.

Why have you decided to be an exchange student?

To live this unforgettable experience and help me grow on a personal and mature, meet new people and improve my level of English.

What are your positive and negative traits?

I am a fun and happy person, who likes to listen and give advice, I am affectionate and I.
I care about the people around me but I am a little shy and embarrassed at first.

What would you like to do while in the US?:

Get to know their culture and customs, meet new people, try American food and Improve my english level.

What are your favorite foods? Do you have special dietary needs?

Spaguettis carbonara, pizza, tortilla de patata, fries and nachos

Do you have any pets? Tell us about your pets:


What do you do with your friends?

I usually meet up with them to eat, go shopping, go to the movies or the arcade, or to go for a walk. and spend a while with them.

What do you do with your family?

Go to the amusement park or the Warner, go to lunch or dinner, go to see my brother's games or go to the Atleti stadium to watch the games and cheer on my team.

What are your favorite classes and why?

English since I love the subject and how the teacher teaches the subject and I learn a lot about something I love and physical education since it is a healthy way to let off steam and do and play sports It is good for health.

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